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Political and social - Manifesto

Référence : 95345
Date de parution : 1 janvier 2018
EAN 13 : 9781999987305
Nb de pages : 148
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Even those who claim to have no intention of becoming politically involved would like to understand what goes on: just a minimal amount, allowing them to know what would be socially desirable and what should be outright rejected. 

For this, there are certain principles that must absolutely be understood with regard to Natural Order, the fundamental equality of men, the preeminence of man with regard to society, etc. All of these notions are deliberately silenced by the majority of political parties whose programs, nevertheless, pretend to dream of humanity's greater good. What deceit when their instigators are technocrats, communists or socialists promulgating a "consumer society." 

Furthermore, men, in particular the youth, are disappointed by this "bourgeois" and "self-righteous" society that allows it to happen. As a result, they give themselves over to the first movement to suggest an upheaval of the corrupt society in which we live. However, due to the lack of political training from fathers who aren't always concerned with such matters - leaving this need for "educators" who can easily mislead them - they often come to bring their dynamism and generosity to the extremist tendencies of aggressive nationalism or anarchy. 

If we are to reject the concepts of an anti-social society, we must also avoid Marxist, progressivist, liberalist and totalitarian obstacles. The Political and Social Manifesto was written with this goal, recalling the only base that a politico-social order can rely on if it is truly concerned with the good of MAN.
TitrePolitical and social - Manifesto
Auteur CHATEAU-JOBERT (Pierre)
Date de parution1 janvier 2018
Nb de pages148
EAN 139781999987305
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Largeur (en mm)154
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